Hi Guys,

I'm sooo excited about this, I just have to let you know what I'm planning. I've decided to do something completely outrageous. What's new I hear you say?! But this is totally off the scale. I'm fed up with going out with complete losers - as you know I've been out with my fair share, none of whom have lasted more than 5 minutes. So, I've decided to take drastic action.

I'm desperate to settle down with the man of my dreams. So, I'm launching a nationwide search to find a fella, but not just a boyfriend, I'm on the look out for a husband! That's right, I'm getting married.

And that's where you lucky guys come in! If you think you've got what I want in a man (and believe me, I'm very demanding!), I'd really love to meet you in person at my open auditions at the locations listed on this page.

If you CAN make it, download the questionnaire pdf, print it out and bring it along with you on the day. If you CAN'T make it, submit your online application and photo below and if I'm interested, I'll be in touch!

The final way is to send your questionnaire AND photo to Jodie PO BOX 6024 London EC1P 1GX, AND if you REALLY want to impress me, send video footage to the PO BOX too - go on, I dare you - make me laugh!

I KNOW my soul-mate is out there, I just don't want to wait any longer to meet him. The big question is ... IS IT YOU?! If you think that maybe, just maybe you might be THE ONE then please get in touch, it could be the best decision you ever made.

Best of luck boys - I look forward to hearing from you.

All my love,
Jodie xx

jodie photo

If you are confident that you’re
the man for me then fill in the
form below.

Audition Dates:

London: Sunday 20th May, 1pm – 7pm 
  The Wardour, Wardour Street, W1 8ZH
Edinburgh: Wednesday 23rd May, 5:30pm – 11pm
  Faith, 207 Cowgate, EH1 1JQ  
Sheffield: Saturday 26th May, 12noon – 7pm
  GateCrasher One, 112 Arundel Street, Sheffield, S1 1DJ
Birmingham: Sunday 27th May, 12noon – 7pm
  Bar Risa, Quay Side Tower 259-263 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HF
Cardiff: Wednesday 30th May, 5:30pm – 11pm
  Demure's  @ No.10 Champagne Bar & Night Club, 10 Mill Lane, Cardiff, CF10 1FL
Bournemouth: Sunday 3rd June, 12noon – 7pm
  Hush2020, 4 Terrace Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5NN

MTV is filming Jodie's search. Go to mtv.co.uk for more details.

Hey Guys!!!

Thank you so much for participating. These are just a few questions to get us started. Make sure you attach a photo before you submit your application form!

Also, once you’ve submitted your form you’ll be given an application reference, please take note of this and if you’re sending any home videos to the PO Box (which I’d love), make sure to include this reference number.

Jodie xxxx



Date Of Birth:

  Confirm Email:


What is your address?

Q1: What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it?

Q2: What was your longest previous relationship and why did it finish?

Q3: Complete this sentence: I want my relationship with my future wife to be...

Q4: Tell me about the best sex you ever had! Where & when?

Q5: Is money important to you?

Q6: What do you like about me? (I know, you haven't even met me yet!)

Q7: Describe a great date you might take me on.

Q8: Do you want children?

Q9: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Q10: What are your 3 must do things in your life?

Q11: Give 3 qualities that you think are good about you and 3 that are bad.

Q12: Finally, why do you think you and I would make a good couple?

Please add any attachments (jpeg, bmp, gif, avi, mpeg, mov, doc, zip file) here:

If you are sending any videos or photos to my PO Box Address please make sure you’ve filled in a questionnaire here first and attached your application reference to your tape with ALL your contact details so I know who you are!!!

Thanks, Jodie xxx

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